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Hiding your location

With the latest stealth measures, your IP address will always be masked and secure, keeping your location safe and your data away from prying eyes and hackers. No matter what you are connected to, you will be safe.

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Secure internet anywhere

Being on the road doesn’t mean missing out on the excitements of home, and using our VPN client will keep you connected securely to the websites you usually visit.

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Connect no matter where you are

We have fast and protected servers worldwide, and all of them are able to be connected to with your VPN. Location doesn’t matter, and your data will remain private and encrypted no matter the server or location. The freedom of the internet will be yours, no matter if you are at home or abroad.

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If you have a need, our plans can be customized to fit it


Up to Date Data Encryption

With our GainVPN double encryption technology, all your information and data are kept even safer under a double lock and key.

Smooth and Swift Server Speed

If you are sick of waiting forever for something to download our servers are right for you.

The plan is easy to use and install

Our VPN plan can be easily added to all of your devices.

We don’t log at all

Our company doesn’t like logging, and we keep your data safe and secure from any and all outside threats.

We keep you safe at the slightest problem

If your VPN connection hiccups in any way, know that our servers instantly disconnect you from the internet until the problem is resolved and your data is once again safe.

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